What @Balance Massage Specialist


Swedish Massage/Full body Massage:

Swedish Massage is a full body massage that focuses on working all systems in the body to reach balance throughout the body and reaching deep relaxation and a calming affect on the whole body. Swedish massage brings about homeostasis in ones body! It helps soothe sore or stiff muscles, improves circulation, and helps you feel more relaxed throughout your body and  eliminating tension and pain without any discomfort. This treatment lasts between 60-90 minutes. 

Advanced Hot Stone Massage:

Hot stone combines a full body treatment using hot and cold stones incorporating massaging with ones hands as well as the stones which helps release muscle tension throughout the body. Its a deeply nurturing sensation of textured hot stones over the body warms and refreshes, unlocking deep tension, quieting the mind and replenishing on all levels. This massage expands and relaxes the tissues of the body increasing functionality, improving circulation, bringing essential nutrients to the skin, muscles and vital organs whilst at the same time stimulating the lymphatic system to detox and cleanse the body. This induces deep relaxation, release muscles tension, tones and revitalises the skin and connective tissue. 

Balinese Scalp Massage:

Is an amazing head, neck and shoulder massage that has origins from the Far East. It is a soothing and relaxing massage that uses elongated strokes with the hands and forearms, incorporating elements of Shiatsu and Acupressure points to loosen spasms and emotional tension. The massage is very flowing and brings a sense of balance and peace to the individual receiving the massage. It helps with stress relief, tension, relieving headaches,  helps with scalp health, very relaxing energising the body. This treatment is great for the corporate environment to help relieve stress in the work place, as well as a great addition to any treatment.

Indications for a Massage:

Remedial Sports Massage:

The essence of sports massage is to correct postural imbalances, ensuring correct muscle function, formulating treatment plans unique to each client to prevent future injuries or problems. As well as enhancing performance whether it be in the sports you play or in your work place. Deep tissue massage works on the fascial system, allowing for the imporvement of muscle mobility, comfort which will improve your day to day lifestyle. Where tension could be hindering your performance in the sport you partake in or in the work place. 

Struggling with headaches, lower back pain, restriction in movement, spasms and any pain experienced in the body. 

This Massage is area specific to relases muscle tension which is 45min-55min minutes. 

Indications are specific issues currently affecting the body at any specific time, this would include things like headaches and stress. 

Muscle soreness & stiffness

Decreased Range of Motion


Relaxation due to a stressful day to day life

Pain Management


Poor circulation or swelling

Strengthened immunity 

Improved mental function

Help lower back pain

@Balance Massage Specialist is a Mobile service allowing you to have a massage in the comfort of your own home.