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Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork 

Alex is the founder and owner of @Balance and she is extremely passionate about sharing everything she has learnt with the people around her. @Balance offers Equine Bodywork through the Masterson Method and other modalities learnt along the way making up her toolbox. Alex has been around horses her entire life and she has a vast knowledge of various equestrian activities, as she has competed in many disciplines. As well as schooling horses and bringing on young horses too. She has a great understanding of the difficulties people may experience as well as what the horses go through to. Improving horses comfort, mobility and performance is her utmost concern and greatest achievement.


@Balance Massage Specialist is Alex's way to help people through different therapies! Her passion for improving horses comfort and mobility has transcended over to wanting to help people, and through Balancing Touch she has been specialising in massage techniques to help people. Combining horses and people allows her to treat each individual, this is where @Balance would like to focus, how is the rider affecting the horse and vice versa. @Balance Massage Specialist helps your day to day stress that is accumulated in the body, as well as sporting tension and discomfort and to helping any reaccuring issues. Alex's passion for helping has made her extremely passionate about massage and making people feel more free and ready to take on the day. With Alex being a rider herself, she has a great understanding of the muscles that are under strain and the tension patterns developed. This makes her great at what she does, as well as taking part in many sports over the years, it allows her to walk in her clients shoes.


Alex has always been extremely passionate about taking photos, which all started with wildlife, her true love! As Alex's photography grew she soon realised how she loves to see how happy clients get when they see their photos and the memories they get to keep for a life time. Her passion for photography and learning/creating new subject matter all the time has allowed for her understanding and love for photography to grow even more. From capturing wildlife, horses and beautiful family moments @Balance offers it all!


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